Kamil Rutkowski.

A guy in his late 20´s. He was born in Poland. By the age of 5 his family moved to the south of Germany.
Pretty early creative work attracted him. Creating an illusion of an impeccable product or Model got one of his main targets.

He knew from day one he would never be the guy alone at his desk - So he bought his first camera
by the age of 18 and started to team up with creatives. Photoshootings for people, model agencies, local companies and more became his daily business.

Finally the dynamic and fast paced world of fashion and commercial photography got him 100%.
Packed with his camera he made his way to Hamburg where he spend a year as an assistant
of fashion photographer and director Reno Mezger and stylist and art director Uta von Fintel.
From Hamburg he made his way to Berlin then.

Since 2015 he is working there on his portfolio eagerly. Collaborations with stylists, hair&makeup artists, art directors, designers, magazines, e-commerce companies and creatives happen regularly. He is very keen on what he is doing and he is doing it with heart, humor and creativity.

Thanks for collaborating:

Adon Magazine, LAtest Magazine, iMute Magazine, Solstice! Magazine, HUF Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Modelwerk, TFM Models, Le Management, Mirrrs Models, Core, M4, Kult Models, Tune Models, Spin Models, Viva Models, PMA, Mega Models, MD Modelmanagement, Indeed Models, Izaio, Iconic, Ice Models, Louisa Models, Spin Modelmanagement, Bigoudi, Blossom Management, Basics, Epic, Peppermint Circus, Barre Noire, Nariman Fadakar, Athit Witayaphaet, Swatch, Topshop, Zalando, Aboutyou, Orendt, Laudert, Bold Berlin.